How it works


We Love Camping is a new chain of campsites that want to share the same goal: provide high quality services to enable guests to spend a pleasant holiday.

The chain includes campsites spread across almost the entire Italy: from the Tyrrhenian coast to the Adriatic coast, from the north lakes to those on the central area, from the big cities of art to the small historical  towns.

All campsites have different characteristics, but in each of them the customer can benefit a special discount that otherwise couldn't get.

How does our chain work?

Customers, upon departure from one of our campsites, will receive a special voucher that, delivered upon arrival in another campsite of the chain, will allow them a special discount, differentiated by season and room type selected.

Some campsites, in low season, will offer a fix price, varying from 16.00 to 25.00 euro, for each group composed by two persons and one camper, or two persons, a caravan or a tent, and a car. Any extra persons will achieve a 10% discount on standard rate.

Other campsites, still in low season, will apply from 10% to 15% discount on standard rates.

Many campsites, also in high season, will apply different discount on standard rates.

Discount details can be found in the brochure, which you can download on the footer, or in each campsite page in this website. We are the only chain of campsites that allows you to have discounts also in high season.

We Love Camping wish you to spend your vacation peacefully in our campsites.